Monday, January 7, 2013

Mary's Angels Ornament Tree

Before I put the tree away, I must show it off again, I'm so pleased. Thanks to Ebay, I managed to almost complete my collection at great prices, woohoo!!!!!! My BEST SCORE was a Willow Colorway for THIRTY dollars. I'm still jumping for joy. The last one to arrive was a Bluebell I got for $12 that came right on NYE.

I'm only missing 4 - Colorways of Sweet William and Forsythia, which I'll get whenever I see a good price. The Viola Colorway and Rose 20th are probably not going to happen, but I'll keep a lookout.

The cutest ornaments ever. Love.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Busting out the Mary's Angels ornaments.

It's Christmastime!! While it's a religious holiday and we don't observe, I enjoy most of the trappings of the season. Ornaments are a big thing, so many are so beautiful. Enter Hallmark Mary's Angels, when my sister bought me my first one in 1997. I fell in love, and this is pretty much the only cutesy AND religious objects I'll tolerate. They're adorable.

I'd been getting each year's issue on and off, but this month I made a concerted effort to fill in the entire collection, and decided to take the plunge into Ebay. Besides a crash course on Ebay, I've been able to get very good prices on my ornaments, 3 of them bargains. I've lost out only to the asshole ebay resellers who buy up inventory at the low prices and turn around immediately to try to hock them at 4 times that price. I'm not playing that game, I'll just keep looking until I get them at a reasonable price. Of course, if I get a bargain that's great too. $40 is fine, but I've drawn the line at getting the $100 ones. That's just ridiculous for a christmas ornament. I don't feel *that* strongly about them.

The Hallmark website is also the lamest I've visited so far, on par with other clueless government sites where it's clear the people involved know zero about being online. Also, every other time I've tried to visit, there's an error page.

I'm only missing two now, the first issues, and now everyone's piled on Ebay, so I'll wait until the end of the month or next month to shop again. But of course I'll keep an eye out, just in case.

Now I'm looking for a metal ornament display stand to showcase them, since they get lost in a tree. We don't have those anymore anyway, don't want the critters hurt.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Orchid Report

Another growing season outside come and gone. It's been brutal to the orchids here. Too hot and humid outside, then too dry and not cold nor humid enough when I bring them into the basement. It's a perpetual 73 degrees down there, and nothing I can do about it. It's a rental, so I can't modify the place as I'd like.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Disturbing Encounter with Hoarders

Soooo....I just got unfriended on Facebook by an acquaintance from my Orchid Society. I'm not surprised by it. This woman's story is so disturbing I needed to vent about it somewhere, and it's too long for Facebook, so voila!, here it is.

So, this woman's 50ish, I'm guessing, and as Midwest as you can get. But I thought they were a little more cosmopolitan because they'd lived in NY for a while before moving back. Anyway, Susan and I chatted for a bit at a meeting since we were both newish members, and found out we also had cats and the symphony in common. The last society meeting we just ended up chatting away, and spent an enjoyable afternoon hanging out. She made a lot of somewhat strange statements, but I sorta shrugged it off. Her husband pretty much dictated what, when, and how she did. Exaggerated, surely! They'd gotten hooked on estate shopping, and they were starting to get filled to the rafters. Even the garage was stuffed! Exaggerated, again, right?

Next weird story: John wouldn't let the cats get spayed/neutered, but the cats started multiplying up to THIRTY-TWO cats. A friend staged an intervention and insisted they s/n, so get THIS - the two of them snuck them out of the house in batches so he wouldn't know. Just his "fav" guy is still intact and roaming outside, btw. Had to be a hell of a friend, because she also got him to finally consent to rehoming most of the cats, so they're down to 6.

Apparently I am waaaay too understanding and non-believing of her stories, because none of that deterred me from agreeing to lunch a few weeks later.

Sooooo.....she wants me to check out all her orchids and the cats and believes I'll appreciate her hubby's art since I'm an art historian. So we get to a pretty big house, looks ok, kinda overgrown and unkempt but that's nature, right? She opens the door and I'm immediately assaulted by an unbelievable stench of cat piss. It was HARD to be in there, I couldn't really breathe, and my eyes started to sting. I was floored.

Or I thought I was. I'd suddenly walked into an episode of "Hoarders". The house was packed to the rafters with crap EVERYWHERE. There were "collectibles" in every single nook and cranny, and there were thin little paths cutting through all the crap enough for single file walking in some places, others I had to climb over. Orchids were all around, but none were being cared for. The guy's office was spectacular. There was barely room to squeeze between the piles and piles of papers and neatly stacked mail from the floor to the ceiling, all brown from age and dust. It looked like nothing had been cleaned for years.

The cats were separated, some upstairs and some in the basement, and there were piles of paper plates with dried cat food, crumbs everywhere, and when we went down to the basement I thought I'd pass out from the cat piss stench, dried piles of cat food, and flood damage.

I could go on and on about the house and all the other insane things she said, but it'll take pages, so I won't. Bottom line: I was SHOCKED. I realized that she really meant the things she said!! About her freakishly controlling husband, the whole lot. OMG!!

Anyway, we still facebooked each other, and she said she'd definitely invite me with her and her husband to the next estate sale. I wondered.

A month later I finally remembered her because she sent me an email today, so I thought I'd check her wall, only she'd unfriended me! Not a big loss, but curiosity prompted me to do a search and pull her up - she's not very computer-savvy, and all her info was public. She'd always had almost non-existent wall activity, but it was a shock to see that only her 3 family members remain as friends on her page. She'd unfriended ALL 15 or 16(?) of her "friends". I thought he'd just forbid her from talking to me anymore, but this wholesale unfriending business is still very disturbing to me.

The email she sent was very friendly, letting me know of an event I may be interested in, but very firm in hinting that she's just sooooo busy there's no chance of getting together for the foreseeable future. I wonder if her husband also reads her email. I wonder what other "privileges" he took away from her.

I feel so sad for her. This is still blowing my mind. I am soooo getting miles away from these people.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bit of Self-Improvement Boasting!

I've been up to some good self-improvement stuff (ok, not earth-shattering or anything, LOL) but enough for me to boast about it. Share your recent self-improvement, big or small, and join me for a mutual pride-fest!

1. My super-organized walk-in. Bought a whole bunch of drawers, bins and shelves, and now I have a bitchin' setup. I filled FOUR large black garbage bags to the brim and donated them. I flat out dumped one garbage bag too. Just yesterday I realized that I need to let go of more. The 80s and 90s want their remaining clothes back, AND I don't need to dress like a 60 year old (yet)!

2. My continuing house organization. I've gotten most rooms, except my office and basement, to my satisfaction (But not obsessive. Ok, maybe it is.) I've finally got a couple nice armchairs for the library, it's all done.

3. Makeup!! Yesterday I went to Sephora and Ulta for the first time ever, and bought some new updated items. TRIED them first, so it won't be a surprise at home, like drugstore buys. I also dumped out one large shopping bag's worth of cosmetics, samples and perfumes. Some were twenty YEARS old!! Embarrassing. Keeping new items with bad colors won't change the fact it was a waste of money and I can't return it.

4. More social activities for my hobbies. I've done some paint-by-numbers with wine club, fun!, wine club, and joined a French and Spanish club to practice speaking. Still looking for a Chinese club and volunteering at the museum.

5. Upcoming - haircut. I HATE salons, they often fuck up my hair. But it still needs cutting. So we'll see about this new salon, Michael's supposed to be good.

Woohoo! I'm sure I'll have more to post soon.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ginza Got His Dental Cleaning

He's recovering very nicely from Monday's dental. I found an all cat clinic out here in the burbs, so I was happy. The whole vet team were all very nice, and I could tell they all take good care of their patients.

I took him back to his waiting room cage, where his name was written right on top, which I liked. Everything was clean, smelled good and disinfected, and very organized. Since we also wanted to get a urine sample, I tried to encourage him to go, but he hissed when he smelled the cage, perfectly normal. He looked so scared and confused to see me go, bit heartbreaking, but all the nice techs made me feel better.

The vet called right at noon to tell me everything had gone well, went over everything that was done, and the urine results (normal!). Poor baby had 3 little teeth taken out, but everything else was very good. So happy and relieved to pick him up right at 3pm (you know I was a worrying nervous wreck.)

Pixie was so cute, chatting nonstop all morning, I think asking where Ginza was. When he got home, though, she wasn't pleased with his smell at all, so she hissed away like no one's business for 3 days! So cute. Everything finally back to normal yesterday, everyone's eating together again.

Now he's tapping my knee asking for lunch. Too cute!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sprint's Nexus S4G 'See More Cats' Commercial

AWWWWW! Loving this commercial. Good timing too, need a new phone!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pixie - The Puzzlement Continues

So Pixie seemed to be ok the day after the last fever, but then she was lethargic again the next day. So off she went to another vet, and again, nothing obvious. The new vet seems nice, but maybe a little too surgery-happy, but it's just a feeling. Anyway, here we are a week later. We've been observing her closely, and she's not quite right, but there's nothing we can pinpoint still. Besides being frustrating, it's scary worrying about when she's going to fall ill again, and if she won't rebound again.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pixie Has A Fever Again

That 24 hour virus is back, she ate half-heartedly last night, then looked lethargic. Took her temp at midnight, she was 104.2. Stayed up the whole night to watch her, then took her temp again at 5:30am, and she was back down to 102, thankfully. She's ok now, just a little subdued as she recovers. So frustrating not know what the hell this is.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Plain Brown Tabby Treats!

Always enjoy doing business with Plain Brown Tabby, everything's always exactly as described, oftentimes even better! The kitties can always tell when the box is theirs, they're jumping all over it while I'm finding the scissors to cut it open, LOL. They've all gone nuts over the latest new toy, the Kitty Cuddler with Valerian spiced Catnip. I barely got them out of the box before they were all over 'em! Enjoy the video.